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The term 'Sports Injury' covers a huge range of causes, locations and patient expectations, from a torn hamstring in the 100m final at the Olympic Games to back pain after playing football with the children in the park.

Although the type of injury and the muscle or joint that it affects may vary, there are often factors which link the injuries. Sportsmen and women are more at risk undertaking sports they have not played before and which involve contact or high impact, such as rugby or squash. Having previous injuries to an area can predispose to a recurrence of the same injury. Stiffness or altered playing style may lead to injury of another joint.

The variety of injuries we treat at the Blackberry Clinic is great, ranging from wrist injuries in table tennis to back injuries from the World Powerlifting Champion. The wide range of sports undertaken by our practitioners allows a unique empathy with the sportsmen and women they treat, with our practitioners recognising not only the physical but also mental strains that an injury places on an individual.

Patients are treated in an holistic fashion and as well as manual therapies and advice, we have a large purpose built rehabilitation gymnasium which allows supervised training to be undertaken. Our Rehabilitation Specialists create and guide clients through strengthening, stabilisation and general fitness programmes. These members of staff are also able to cover specialist programmes for the management of weight loss and other medical conditions, and our rehabilitation specialists run part of the exercise on prescription and GO Active schemes.