Psychological Therapies

Psychological Therapies at Blackberry Clinic

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a talking therapy, which focuses on problems taking place in the here and now, rather than delving into the past or looking for the underlying causes.
It is widely recognised that our emotions and moods are influenced by our thought patterns. CBT acknowledges that what takes place in the mind - the cognitive processes, are inextricably linked to the way we behave and act.

Cognitive Therapy is based on helping people change how they think and feel by replacing negative thoughts with realistic positive ones. The word cognitive relates to psychological processes such as attention, attitudes, beliefs, information processing, memory and personal perceptions.
Behaviour Therapy focuses on changing how people act and behave in response to the presenting negative cognitive processes.

The aim of CBT is to help clients identify and gain awareness about themselves, the world and others, in relation to their problems and set realistic outcomes. Individuals are encouraged to consider what thoughts; emotions, physical feelings and actions are contributing to their symptoms and problematic circumstances. By changing just one aspect can alter and improve the quality of their life.
On average, six to twelve sessions are recommended. The success of CBT does depend on the type of problem, level of commitment and participation by the client.

C.B.T. may be supportive in helping: anger issues, depression, confidence, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, eating disorders, obsessions, health issues and persistent pain, phobias, stress, relationship issues and sleep problems, amongst others.