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What does Prolotherapy treat?

The range of injuries and conditions that Prolotherapy treats is varied; from instability and toe pain to chronic headaches caused by instability in the neck. Prolotherapy is often used in conjunction with other injections to help stabilise a joint following injury. The commonest area in which it is used is the spine, where Prolotherapy can be used to treat chronic back pain by stabilising the bones to prevent abnormal movement. It is also used extensively following treatment of Sciatica (or slipped disc) to reduce the risk of recurrence.

prolotherapy-2Prolotherapy stimulates the repair of injured and damaged structures, helping to strengthen tendons and ligaments while stabilising the joints they support. It involves the injection of natural substances (along with anaesthetics so the injections will not cause unbearable pain) at the exact site of an injury to stimulate the immune system to repair the area. The exact term for the natural healing process that occurs after an injury is inflammation. Prolotherapy causes an inflammatory reaction at the exact site of injuries to such structures as ligaments, tendons, menisci, muscles, growth plates, joint capsules and cartilage to stimulate these structures to heal. These areas are often injured through sports-related activities or due to degenerative changes such as arthritis.

Specifically, Prolotherapy causes fibroblastic proliferation (where the term Prolotherapy comes from). Fibroblasts are the cells that actually grow the ligaments and tendons. By proliferating the fibroblasts, new, strong, collagen tissue is formed which is what is needed to repair ligament/tendon sprains and other sports injuries. A detailed explanation of the mechanisms of Prolotherapy can be found under the Prolotherapy section.

If you are suffering from knee pain, torn meniscus, ACL tear, neck pain, back pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, hamstring strain, IT band injury, turf toe, or any other sports injury, Prolotherapy can help to get you back to your sport or activity while reducing pain and reducing the risk of recurrence. The great part of receiving Prolotherapy is that patients can continue to train while receiving treatments. We see and treat patients with chronic back pain, unstable joints and athletes of all levels – from amateur athletes to professional footballers and Olympic Gold medallists, wanting to return to sport as quickly as possible.