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Recent Audits/Unpublished Data

Petrides S, (Blackberry Clinic, Milton Keynes 2010)
A recent unpublished case series running over 2 years on 17 GB International/Olympic rowers referred by Dr Lady Anne Redgrave and Dr Richard Budget (CMO Olympic games 2012) demonstrated an 88% success with 13 rowers returning soon after treatment to full training, follow up at a mean of 1 year. (2 of the rowers were not back to full training due to other injuries). Presented at British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine Congress 2009.

Petrides S, (Blackberry Clinic, Milton Keynes 2010)
An audit of 76 patients is ongoing using a pre-injection Oswestry Disability Index score and follow up at 3 months and 1 year. Patients include high profile international and Premiership footballers.

Tanner J, (Oving Clinic, Chichester 2008/9)
Audit of 38 patients responding to prolotherapy questionnaire. 76% received 50% or more sustained pain relief.

Tanner J, (Oving Clinic, Chichester 2006/9)
Audit of 89 cases treated at The Oving Clinic by JA Tanner showed 60% achieved more than 50% pain relief at 1-3 years year follow up.

Petrides S, (Blackberry Clinic, Milton Keynes 2006)
Internal audit. 125 patients 3 year follow up. 76 questionnaires returned demonstrated 73% were helped by prolotherapy, 47% were helped by greater than 50% on a validated VAS pain scale.