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Alistair Greethan

Physiotherapist, MCSP

portrait-alistair-greethanAlastair Greetham MCSP has been a Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists for over 30 years. He was trained in the military, working mainly in the area of orthopaedic rehabilitation, where he had the unique opportunity of working with a young, fit population who needed to return to activity very quickly.

His interests in sports and movement led him to study many different disciplines and specialise in movement and posture-related problems. His interest in learning led to training in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Alastair's interest in the mind/body connection has led him to explore the relation between state and movement. He is currently applying this to the field of movement and posture for presenters. He is trained with Polestar Pilates Education to use Pilates exercise in the therapeutic environment and is currently working to develop techniques that unite his different areas of interest to enhance healing and performance ability. Alastair is a Principal Educator for Polestar, and has led Polestar courses extensively in the UK, Spain and throughout Asia.