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Matthew Willet


portrait-matthew-willetMatthew Willett is a New Zealand trained Physiotherapist who qualified in 2002. He began his career working with professional Rugby and Rugby League teams in Wellington. After leaving New Zealand, Matthew worked in various locations around Australia including rural hospitals, private practices and with marginalized communities in inner city locations. He came to the UK in 2005 and has been working at the Blackberry Clinic since.

Matthew has extensive experience working with all types of musculoskeletal conditions, from acute sports injuries all the way through to complex chronic pain syndromes. While all parts of the human body are fascinating and each joint, muscle and tendon injury unique, he finds the lumbo-pelvic and scapula areas the most interesting to treat due to the variety and complexities of each case presentation.

Matthew is especially interested in the nervous system, including the brain, and the complex interactions between it and a person's perceptions of pain. He also finds movement dysfunction fascinating. He is well versed in manual and manipulative techniques to treat musculoskeletal disorders and uses acupuncture for pain and stress.

In the future, Matthew would like to get into research as he believes our understanding only scratches the surface of the body's responses to pain and its disorders.