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Osteopathy in the News

25th April, 2013: An interesting peer-reviewed article has recently been published, highlighting the efficacy of osteopathic manual treatment (OMT) and ultrasound therapy (UST) for short-term relief of non-specific chronic low back pain. It concludes that (a) OMT patients are likely to be very satisfied with their back care, they achieved moderate to substantial improvements in low back pain, whilst using prescription drugs less frequently than other patients. Ultrasound therapy was not shown to be effective.

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Licciardone, J.C., Minotti, D.E., Gatchel, R.J., Kearns, C.M. & Singh, K.P. (2013). Osteopathic Manual Treatment and Ultrasound Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomised Controlled Trial. Ann. Fam. Med. March/April 2013 (11)(2); pp.122-129