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Blackberry Education Injection Course

12th October, 2012. The first Blackberry Education Injection Course finished as a huge success. These courses were created by Dr Tom Saw and Dr Simon Petrides to teach injection skills under x-ray guidance. An international selection of sports and exercise physicians and consultants from 6 different countries spent 2 days at the Blackberry Clinic in Milton Keynes honing their skills.

The first course was run in conjunction with the British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine to provide innovative teaching using state of the art techniques. Blackberry Education is the first course to use the injection phantoms in the UK. With previous experience teaching and being taught on unpleasant and unrealistic cadavers we have sought an alternative. These models give anatomically realistic and fluoroscopically correct details allowing the teaching of spinal and peripheral injections. They are currently being used in the USA at centres including John Hopkins Teaching Centre and the Harvard School of Medicine.


We were joined at the Blackberry Clinic by Dr John Tanner, Clinical Director of the Oving Clinic in Chichester and President of BIMM as part of the teaching faculty. The delegates included 6 sports physicians who had been at the Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as the club doctor from FC Braga and several other distinguished guests.

Following a very successful course and a ringing endorsement from our first delegates we will be holding further courses in the New Year.