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Blackberry Clinic at the Olympic Games 2012

Simon Petrides, Louise Allison and Alice Church have just returned from doing their stints at the Olympics as Games Makers. 











Simon was working as a Sports Medicine Doctor in the polyclinic seeing mostly athletes from countries where the medical facilities are not as extensive as they are in this country. He saw some inspirational athletes who were competing with quite significant injuries but needed help getting to the starting line. The Polyclinic was extremely well equipped and at one point there were more MRI scanners than there were thermometers in the sports medicine department! The imbalance was swiftly rectified by the hugely efficient organisers whose input was immense. 

Louise was working as a physiothearpist in the Polyclinic.  She states that it was the most incredible experience and a real privilege to work with the worlds most elite athletes. As well as providing physiotherapy treatment from the Polyclinic in the Athletes Village, she also attended team training sessions where her role was as a pitch side medic. Athletes were treated for injuries pre and post competition. They presented with a wide range of different problems, although hamstring strains were very common. They had access to a hydrotherapy pool, ice baths and anti-gravity treadmills to facilitate recovery. The facilities were amazing and it was great to work alongside some world class physiotherapists.

Alice was based at Eton Dorny which was the venue for the rowing and canoeing events. She had the most amazing experience and whilst primarily involved in looking after spectators with mobility issues, she also helped with all aspects of spectator enjoyment at the venue.  Despite getting up at 3 am, the uplifting atmosphere and the excitement of meeting up again with some of the rowers who medalled in one of the most successful Olympic games so far more than compenstated for the lack of sleep.  

We all feel very privileged to have been part of London 2012 and cannot put into words how proud we are to have contributed towards making the Olympics the huge success that it was.

By Simon Petrides, Alice Church & Louise Allison