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Strength Training – Final tips

16th March, 2012

Now that we've categorised the appropriate type of training at each phase following injury and surgery, it's also important to know how to adapt the exercises at each level. This will help you to get the most out of your training programme....

As your body becomes accustomed to a specific exercise, you will need to start to adapt that exercise to keep challenging your strength.

Consider changing one or more of the following in order to progress your training:

  1. Number of repetitions
  2. Speed of repetition – slow for longer weighted control, increased for dynamism.
  3. Intensity – including the resistance or amount of movement (i.e. depth of squat).
  4. Alter rest periods (reduce for endurance benefits and increase for strength training recovery).

Good luck with your training programme. Remember to keep altering it slightly to keep testing your body and to keep you interested.

The Blackberry Clinic is well equipped to assist you to recovery.  Should you want to gain more advice and a training programme specific to your needs please do contact us.