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Fluoroscopic Injection Courses for Musculoskeletal and Sports and Exercise Physicians

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prolotherapy-1 The Blackberry Education fluoroscopic injection courses were created to provide practical instruction for MSK and SEM professionals in the art of spinal and peripheral guided injections. Delegates will be expected to be proficient in peripheral injections and want to obtain the skills and knowledge to expand their practice to encompass fluoroscopically guided spinal and peripheral injections. (Course details)

With guidelines suggesting that these treatments are carried out under fluoroscopic guidance from ASIPP (American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians), ISIS (International Spine Intervention society), European Back Pain Society and the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists blind injections are difficult to justify and evidence suggests less efficacious.

With previous experience teaching and being taught on unpleasant and unrealistic cadavers we have sought an alternative. The Blackberry Education courses will be the first and currently only course to use injection phantoms in the United Kingdom. These models give anatomically realistic and fluoroscopically correct details allowing the teaching of spinal and peripheral injections. They are currently being used in the USA at centres including John Hopkins Teaching Centre and the Harvard School of Medicine.

The faculty for Blackberry Education courses all have extensive clinical and injection experience and work with professional bodies including several Premiership Football Clubs, GB rowing, The RFU and international cricketers. They have taught for many years on ISIS or BIMM (British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine) courses and regularly work with students from Bath and Queen Marys Sports and Exercise Medicine postgraduate courses.

We feel that the course will provide a good grounding in anatomy, needle skills and practical considerations but feel that there is more we can add. All delegates will be offered the opportunity to spend a day as an observer at the Blackberry Clinic watching the procedures they have seen applied practically. We feel this will also offer an opportunity to cover many other practical aspects of starting and running an injection practice.

We hope to see you on one of our upcoming courses, if you are not able to make the course on those dates or would like to be considered for further courses or have specific injections that you would like to cover, please contact us as we will be having further courses covering different spinal and peripheral options.

The Hilton is 10-15 mins walk from the Clinic and only 5 minutes drive. If wish to book accommodation at the Hilton you can use their online booking facility.