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Dr Anup Bagade - Milton Keynes

Consultant In Pain Management

Dr Anup Bagade is a Consultant in Pain Management and is committed to delivering high quality, safe and evidence based care to patients. He is dedicated to treating patients with various painful conditions such as back pain, sciatica, neck pain, chronic headaches and pelvic pain along with chronic widespread pain and neuropathic pain conditions.

Dr Bagade is experienced in diagnosis and treatment of painful conditions such as these and uses either medication or injection therapy to alleviate the painful symptoms and treat the underlying cause of the problem.

Interventional treatments offered by Dr Bagade include:
Facet Joint Injections
Radiofrequency denervation
Nerve Root Blocks
Pulsed radiofrequency
Peripheral Nerve Blocks
External Neuromodulation
Sacro Iliac Joint Injection
Occipital Nerve Blocks

Dr Bagade believes in a holistic patient-centred approach to pain management based on the best available evidence.