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back-pain-3Once the cause of your pain has been assessed and diagnosed, a number of different treatments are on offer depending on your condition and its cause. These treatments range from manual therapy, exercise and Pilates programmes to the latest in fluoroscopically (digital X-ray machine) guided spinal injections. These injections are provided by our team of sports and musculoskeletal physicians and specialist pain management anaesthetists.

If your condition requires manual therapy we have a wide range of  therapists including Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. Many of our practitioners are dually qualified in the use of Acupuncture and can use it as part of your treatment.

The cause of your back or joint pain may be related to how you stand or run. Our on-site Podiatrist can undertake a biomechanical assessment of your gait and stance to determine whether this is the case. If necessary she will provide you with orthotics (inserts for your shoes) which will help to correct your posture, thus reducing abnormal loads on your back and other joints.

The Clinic prides itself on its integrated approach to the treatment of back and joint pain and believes that having many types of practitioners all working together under one roof with the common aim of reducing your pain as quickly as possible is the key to successful outcomes. One of the many strengths of the Clinic is the vast experience available in so many different treatment specialities. As an addition to physical treatments, we are pleased to offer access to a Psychologist who can help manage the stress that may be worsening your pain.

The Clinic is at the 'cutting edge' of a treatment called Prolotherapy for back pain. This involves a series of injections into the ligaments of the spine to help strengthen them. The injections are performed under fluoroscopic guidance for greater accuracy. Following this type of treatment, a number of top sportsmen and women have made full recoveries from injury and gone on to represent their countries at football, rugby, rowing, cricket and many other sports.