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Whiplash Related Neck Pain

Learning Outcomes
The author hopes that this article will achieve an understanding by physiotherapists and other manual therapists of treatments that are available and that have been proven to be successful. By the end of this article the reader should be able to understand the importance of locating the tissues causing the symptoms in whiplash pain and be aware of alternative avenues of treatment if conservative physical therapies have been of limited effectiveness.

Practical Application
In day-to-day practice, whiplash injuries are commonly encountered and it is the duty of the physiotherapist to be able to offer a management programme, but also to be aware of other avenues of treatment involving medication and injection therapy.

Areas for Further Learning
Further research is being carried out into the effectiveness of injection treatments in the cervical spine but several procedures have been proven to be of significant effectiveness. Physiotherapists need to be aware of the available therapeutic interventions and can obtain information from the authors of sited papers and other published literature on the subject.