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Whiplash Related Neck Pain

Psychosocial Issues
A cognitive behavioural approach can be useful in chronic neck pain since whiplash injury can often be complicated by involvement in compensation issues. Loss of employment due to disability is also linked with depression and psychosocial issues. Continuation at the workplace should be encouraged at all costs and if modification of the workstation and working environment is required then it should be encouraged.

Pain Management Programmes
Pain management is an important part of the treatment of longstanding cervical pain and cognitive behavioural therapy, physical therapy and exercise therapy should all be used concurrently in this approach.

Early Treatment
Early treatment of any musculoskeletal disorders, especially those relating to the cervical and lumbar spine may prevent chronicity, the progression of pain behaviours and fear avoidance resulting in abnormal movement patterns. The resulting muscle weakness and segmental instability can potentiate this progressive downward spiral of deterioration.

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